MediaTek MT7921 Wi-Fi 6 chipset will be utilized ASUS’s new ROG ROG and TUF Series gaming notebooks, this is the first use of MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 wireless connections Solutions for consumer laptop products.

Xu Haojun, deputy general manager of MediaTek and general manager of the Smart Connection Division, said: ‘Through cooperation with ASUS, the world’s No. 1 gaming equipment brand, we have brought consumers a better wireless connection and a smoother gaming experience. Extend battery life.

With the latest wireless connection technology with high performance, low power consumption, and low latency, MediaTek provides first-class solutions for notebook computers.

MediaTek has a broad Wi-Fi product portfolio and cooperates with industry leaders such as ASUS, which Will help us become a global leader in wireless connectivity solutions in the areas of broadband, retail routers, smartphones, consumer electronics, and gaming devices.”

The MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 platform supports 2×2 dual-band antennas and has higher throughput performance; based on the 22nm process, it has higher performance and lower power consumption. It has lower latency and hardware enhancements Function can give better signal transmission to support ultra-long-distance connection.



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