Samsung intends to launch the SmartThings application on the Microsoft Store. The release of the SmartThings application will be a useful supplement to the Windows platform because the platform lacks dedicated applications for smart hardware from actual device manufacturers.

Intelligent hardware is a technological concept that refers to the intelligent transformation of traditional equipment by combining hardware and software. The smart hardware mobile application is software.

It connects to the smart hardware through the application. It is simple to operate and easy to develop. Various applications are emerging in an endless stream. It is also an important entrance for enterprises to acquire users.

Smart hardware has extended from wearable devices to smart TVs, smart homes, smart cars, medical health, smart toys, robots, and other fields. Similar to the Alexa app, the SmartThings app allows users to control smart homes from a PC, including non-Samsung devices.

Samsung and Microsoft have recently cooperated in many ways. The Samsung Messaging application and Samsung Free newsfeed application have been released on the Microsoft Store, and the highly anticipated Samsung Quick Sharing application will also be launched soon.


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