Microsoft is planning to declare a new version of Windows 10, the company may consider Windows 10X or the Sun Valley upgrade as the ‘new Windows’ for marketing. The launch date of the new version is still uncertain, but it is not supposed to be declared until at least April 2021.

As early as October 2020, there were reports that Windows 10 will undergo a major revision in 2021, and the new interface will be codenamed ‘Sun Valley’. In addition to the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, Microsoft also intends to announce Windows 10X, and the current goal is to launch the operating system in the spring of 2021.

Microsoft is currently planning to hold the ‘New Content of Windows’ event in April/May or hold the ‘New Content of Windows’ conference at the Build 2021 Developer Conference. The event is supposed to be held after the “New Game Content” event scheduled to be held at the end of March.

Microsoft may soon announce ‘new Windows’ that may be Sun Valley update or Windows 10X. The term ‘new Windows’ is for marketing, not a brand new version of Windows.

It is supposed that the Windows 10 Sun Valley update or ‘new Windows’ will transform the start menu and operation center interfaces, and Microsoft is also testing the new optional layout of the start menu. File Explorer will also be improved in the Sun Valley update.

There are reports that Microsoft is developing a ‘real’ dark mode experience for modern and traditional components that means that File Explorer will also get a new dark UI.


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