Epic game mall offers two limited-time free games: ‘Fury 2’ and ‘Absolute Drift’

This week’s Epic game mall offers two limited-time free games, namely ‘Fury 2’ and ‘Absolute Drift’. The limited-time for free collection ends on February 26.

‘Rage 2’ was jointly created by Avalanche Studios and Id Software. It tells a sci-fi story: human society falls apart after being hit by an asteroid, and murderous bloodthirsty gangsters Recklessly acting on the road, the hero Walker is a wasteland ranger.

His home was damaged and he had to embark on an adventurous journey. Walker must wield his fury power to find justice and freedom. In this dangerous open world, players will smash the tyrannical gangs in this cruel and ruthless wasteland through crazy.

And fierce car battles and full of firepower, seeking tools and techniques to crush them once and for all, the high-handed rule of evil forces.

Absolute Drift is an action-adventure game produced and released by Funselektor Labs Inc. This game has a simple screen. Players can drive six different cars to play in three different modes. This game got more than 1,700 user reviews on Steam, 90% of that were positive.


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