According to the news, cooling devices maker Alphacool has released three cooling fans for enterprise workstations and servers, belonging to the ES series, one with a diameter of 120mm and two with a diameter of 40mm diameter.

Different from traditional server fans, these products all support PWM control including adjustable speed. The fan utilizes a 4-wire design, and the PWM signal can completely stop the fan.

As servers and other devices need 7×24 hours of operation, this design can not only greatly save power, but also extend the life of the fan. Additionally, the three fans all use double ball bearings that are consistent with traditional industrial fans.

The first 120mm fan speed can be adjusted from 1000~4000 RPM and the thickness is 25mm. This product utilizes a 12V power supply with a life span of up to 70,000 hours, a wind pressure of 12.67mm H2O, and a wind flow of 203.88m 3 /h. This fan is priced at 20.99 Euros or about 164 yuan.

The second product is a small fan including a diameter of 40mm, suitable for blade servers and other purposes. This device also supports PWM control, the speed is adjustable from 400 to 10000RPM, the wind pressure has reached 11.93mm H2O, and the cost is about 180 yuan.

The specification of the third 40mm fan is exaggerated, with a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm and a fan thickness of 28mm. The maximum wind pressure of this product is as high as 33.9mm H2O, the air volume is 38.93m3/h, and its noise is as high as 49.2dB.

The price of the product is the same as the previous one, both are around RMB 180. Due to the use of ball bearings, the MTBF of these products has reached 70,000 hours. In order to meet enterprise-level requirements, the fan supports the jam protection function that can automatically cut off the power supply when it stops unexpectedly to prevent the coil from being burned.

Officially, the fan support is stuck for 72 hours without any problems. Comes after the fan blade is stuck, the fan will try to restart automatically after 2-6 seconds that is very smart. These fans are currently on sale on Alphacool’s official website.



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