Last year, ‘New Palace Museum’ released a completely automatic tourbillon mechanical watch that opened crowdfunding at Xiaomi Youpin, it is available in gold and silver. Each color is limited to 999 pieces, and the crowdfunding price is 5999 yuan($930.70 US).

Now, the office has launched the Jinghong copper color matching model, priced at 7,999 yuan ($1,240.98 US).

The mechanical watch also has three-dimensional dragon relief, palace elements, the Forbidden City 600 years, seawater cliff pattern, two-pole luminous hands, double sapphire crystal, double-spring energy storage, and other features.

2020 is the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City (1420-2020). The case is engraved including the 600-year mark of the Forbidden City. It is authorized by the Forbidden City to commemorate the original 600th anniversary.

The dial is embossed with five-claw tuanlong elements. Tuanlong is often found on the front of the robe. It is the core dragon pattern in the robe and is the mark of honor of the ninety-five supreme.

The watch uses a completely automatic movement with double-spring energy storage. It can replenish the kinetic energy required by the watch when worn normally every day.

After the full-winding is fully wound, it can provide up to 72 hours of long-lasting battery life even if it is left standing. The dial is inlaid with large real diamonds at 12 o’clock, and rubies at other points. Double sapphire crystals, blessed by nano-level blue light coating.

The first layer leather strap is soft and comfortable. Two extremely powerful luminous pointers, the same pointer have two completely different visual effects: luminous and hollow.



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