According to the Financial Association, TSMC’s January 2021 sales were NT$126.75 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22%. After last year’s performance hit a new high, TSMC is still investing in future development.

It is estimated that capital expenditures this year will be between US$25 billion and US$28 billion, far higher than the US$16-17 billion last year.

Along with this, because TSMC is at the forefront of the industry in terms of chip process technology, they have also got a large number of orders.

TSMC’s revenue hit a new high and substantially increased its capital expenditure this year, as well as a large number of orders. Partners in the industry chain will also benefit from it and boost performance growth.

Some people in the industry chain stated that due to the strong demand for chip production from pure chip foundries, TSMC’s ecosystem cooperation expects that their performance in the first quarter of this year and even the whole year will have strong growth.

According to data from Counterpoint, the revenue of the chip foundry industry increased by 23% last year, reaching $82 billion. Counterpoint said it will grow by 12% this year, bringing revenue to $92 billion.

TSMC should grow by 13% to 16% this year that is quite consistent with the overall growth rate of the industry. Apple will become TSMC’s largest 5nm customer this year, accounting for 53% of production.



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