Since its establishment in 1993, Infiq has made outstanding achievements in many home digital audio-visual products. Facing the business office market, Infick released the ultra-thin and stylish Infick P-M1 rechargeable wireless mouse.

The biggest feature of this mouse is that the bottom is dull and the buttons are silent. Even if you work at home at night, you don’t have to worry about waking up your family.

There is no requirement to change the battery. The Infick P-M1 rechargeable and silent wireless mouse offers a cost of 24.9 yuan, a limited time limit of 15 yuan coupons, paid 9.9 yuan free shipping, get the coupons and buy. Purchase link: Tmall (9.9 yuan).

The cost of the wireless charging silent version is 2 yuan, the cloth version is 2 yuan, the battery display version is 5 yuan, and the Bluetooth three-mode version is 12 yuan. Infix rechargeable ultra-thin wireless mouse, plug and play, ultra-thin appearance, silent buttons.

Smooth lines, Yue dynamic appearance, beautiful appearance, 10 meters wireless connection, stable transmission, long-lasting power, and 4 months of battery life on a single charge.

The button is silent, the knock is silent, the bottom is dull, does not hurt the eyes, ergonomic design, mini USB receiver, enjoy the wireless experience.