‘League of Legends Mobile Games’ 2.1 version update, will soon bring a new function to watch friends’ battles

Today, ‘League of Legends Mobile Games‘ updated to version 2.1, adding two heroes, Xia and Luo, and will release an online viewing system.

version 2.1 of ‘League of Legends Mobile Games’ will soon bring a new function to watch friends’ battles. There will be a three-minute delay in the watch function of matching battles to prevent leakage of information. Custom battles are available for three Watched by players, and there is no time delay.

The match replay function is also online. Players can now replay the last 50 matches. Through the battle replay function, you can not only review the past and learn the new, make yourself more progress, but also relive those unforgettable moments.

This function also introduces the status bar of the new display interface that displays the props of the two teams, summoner skills, holdings of money, and many other battle information.

Additionally, the new version adds the function of displaying the exact delay rate of the game, and the function of choosing the display order of the enemy’s targets when using the avatar lock.


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