Apple is developing a collapsible iPhone, Apple has already started early work’ to develop an iPhone that has a foldable display, using ‘Most invisible hinges’.

Now the whistleblower Jon Prosser has given some news about the foldable iPhone prototype, saying that Apple is developing two prototypes. The news that Apple is developing two models has been reported before, and it is stated that both prototypes have passed internal durability tests.

Prosser mentioned that the foldable iPhone uses the super-ceramic glass panel used on the iPhone 12, but after chemical treatment, it can be folded without breaking.

As for the prototype itself, the whistleblower mentioned that one of them looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, while the other uses a clamshell design, just like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Unfortunately, given that both prototypes are in the early stages of development, they are unlikely to be released in 2021. The news also claimed that the foldable iPhone will provide 256GB of internal storage space at a price of US$1499 (about 9713 yuan).

As usual, readers are advised to be cautious about all the information surrounding the foldable iPhone for the time being.



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