New generation of iPhones 13 will be named iPhone 12s, expected to be released in September 2021

In 2021, information about the new generation of iPhones has also started to be leaked online. According to the order of iteration, the new generation of iPhones will be named iPhone 13, but now there are reports that this series of phones may also be named iPhone 12s.

It is reported that a new generation of iPhone is expected to be released in September this year. The iPhone 13 series will continue last year’s product lineup, covering 4 mobile phones, namely the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Although the appearance of the ‘Liu Haiping’ design idea is still adopted, the ‘Liu Haiping’ ‘The area will be significantly decreased, which means that Apple can achieve Face ID through a smaller area and higher integration.

By looking at the configuration, the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a new generation of A-series bionic chips, and the Pro and Pro Max versions will support a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Additionally, to taking images, all four models will be equipped with LiDAR this time to accelerate the application of AR.

Although there may be obvious changes in appearance and configuration, the price is expected to be the same as the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 12 has an upgraded 5G network, so the price is higher than that of the iPhone 11 series.

However, the iPhone 13 series will likely not have a major technical upgrade in terms of a network. Coupled with global economic factors, the price of this series of phones is expected It was flat last year. Additionally, Apple may also release other cheap models to extend market coverage.


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