Currently, many computer motherboards and wireless routers have been furnished with 2.5G RJ45 network ports, and more and more devices support WiFi 6. In order to meet the demand for network connection exceeding gigabit bandwidth, D-Link launched two 2.5Gbps network products at CES this year.

The first production model is DUB-E250. This USB network card adopts a Type-C interface, provides a 2.5Gbps network port, full-duplex mode supports up to 4.6 Gbps bandwidth transmission.

This network card has two LED lights for easy display of network status. This product is compatible with USB protocol and Thunderbolt interface, and has a very small size. It is the smallest 2.5G USB network card at present.

It is convenient to provide a high-speed wired network for old motherboards without such network ports and thin and light notebooks without RJ45 network ports.

The second DMS-106XT switch provides a 10Gbps network port to facilitate the uplink connection of NAS devices. It also has 5 2.5Gbps network ports to connect to PCs, WiFi 6 routers, and other devices.

The front of the switch is furnished with RGB LED lights to display status information and internally supports QoS flow control. The product has a Turbo acceleration mode to provide exclusive channels for online games and 4K online videos to prevent speed limits.



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