Foldable, bendable, and rollable displays were still or at best concept theory from some manufacturers a few years ago. But meanwhile, the first (folding) devices are available and smartphones with “rollable” screens are slowly but surely getting ready to go.

The Korean manufacturer LG showed an OLED display five years ago that can be more or less freely bend, but this technology has of course been further developed in the meantime. LG is now confident that this solution is “prime time” ready and ready to be released.

Because at the online press conference on the occasion of this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) the Korean manufacturer has given pretty clear indications that they are confident of releasing such a device. Because at the beginning of the video presentation, the display of the device extends upwards (from landscape or landscape mode), the virtual press conference is also ended in a similar way. Finally, the manufacturer also reveals a name: LG Rollable.

LG Rollable

This relatively short fade-in does not mean that the LG Rollable is more than a concept. But according to the Japanese business medium Nikkei, the device is actually more than “just” a promise to the future. Because LG informed Nikkei that the device is planned for this year and should actually be released.

“Our management wanted to show that it was a real product as there were a lot of rumors about the rollable phone,” said LG spokesman Ken Hong. “As it will be unveiled at CES 2021, I can say it will be launched later this year.”

According to insider sources, production is to be carried out by the Chinese BOE Technology Group. You can use new customers there since BOE recently supplied Huawei with OLED panels, but the smartphone manufacturer recently dropped out as a customer due to the US sanctions. Display, LG, Ces, LG Electronics, Ces 2021, rollable, LG RollableLG