Yesterday, Nikon announced on the official website, it will no longer provide global warranty services for Nicol lenses and camera accessories but will provide joint warranty services in Hong Kong, China, and Australia.

The products involved include F-mount, Z-mount, and other NIKKOR lenses, and Nikon camera accessories (such as FTZ, flash, etc.).

As per Nikon, ‘So far, Nikon has given global warranty services for lenses and some camera accessories. However, due to differences in laws, regulations, and safety standards in various countries and regions, it maintains a unified and effective global alliance.

The warranty service has become very difficult. Therefore, Nikon decided to change the lens and camera accessories from the global warranty to Hong Kong, China and Australia from January 2021.’

Well known, if the purchased Nikon product is equipped with a global warranty service (Nikon Global Warranty Service Card), the service is still valid during the validity period of the global warranty.

For matters related to the after-sales service application, you can call the service hotline of the Nikon Customer Service Support Center: 4008-201-665, or consult Nikon after-sales service outlets around the country. Telephone service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00, New Year’s Eve 9:00-12:00.



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