Yesterday, Xiami Music announced that it would be shutting down. While this news aroused public attention, it also made other music broadcasting platforms react. On the same day, QQ Music launched the ‘Ximi Songs one-click move’ function.

Today, NetEase Cloud Music issued an announcement to teach you ‘how to migrate Xiami playlists to NetEase Cloud Music with one click.’ Both of them chose “send members” as a drainage method, trying to attract ‘homeless’ Xiami users.

The process of QQ Music ‘Xiaomi Songs One-click Moving’ is open Xiami Personal Center, find the ID at the bottom, fill in the input box in the QQ Music activity interface, and click one-click move.

Successfully import Xiami assets to win green diamonds but in the form of a lottery. There are both luxury green diamond annual cards, ‘1-day green diamonds’ and ‘7 days green diamonds’ in the prize pool, as well as the familiar ‘Thank you for participating’.

NetEase Cloud Music announced that it has received a large number of inquiries about ‘How to import NetEase Cloud Music into Xiami Music Playlist’, so the imported technology has been upgraded and the ‘one-click migration’ function has been launched.

The specific process is basically the same as that of QQ Music, and song migration needs to be realized by entering Xiami Music ID.

The difference is that new users of NetEase Cloud Music who successfully registered by migrating Xiami playlists will receive 3 months of free vinyl VIP.



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