Xiaomi brought us a portable mouse-Xiaomi Portable Mouse. According to Xiaomi’s official news, the Mi Portable Mouse 2 will start crowdfunding for new products at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home at 10 am on December 30. The retail price of this portable mouse is 99 yuan. Those in need should not miss it.

Mi Portable Mouse 2 is not yet available in Mi Mall and Mi Home, and we cannot know all its information for the time being. However, according to the official announcement, the Mi Portable Mouse 2 supports a wireless dual-mode connection.

One mouse can operate two computers, that is, use a 2.4G wireless adapter and Bluetooth to connect to one computer. For those who need a multi-screen office That said, this is a more convenient design.

In addition, the Mi Portable Mouse 2 has added a 4-speed adjustable DPI (resolution measurement unit, the number of pixels per inch of the image length) function, adapting to large screens for worry-free dragging, and versatile for office entertainment.

Mi Portable Mouse 2 also brings a new upgraded low-noise button, which is quiet and gentle without disturbing, which is necessary for multi-person office scenes. Even for personal use, the gentle low-noise buttons will make you feel comfortable.