The new product of the 360 smart camera outdoor dome 5C wireless version officially opened for pre-sale. The guide price is 299 yuan, and the initial price is 249 yuan. It will be released on January 1st, and those in need can follow.

The 360 ​​smart camera outdoor dome 5C wireless version has 2K ultra-clear image quality, with a resolution of up to 2304 x 1296, which can easily obtain high-definition details that ordinary 1080P cameras can’t match. It adopts a dual pan-tilt design to break through the angle limitations of traditional outdoor cameras.

The camera can be flexibly rotated through the mobile phone APP, and it can generate a panoramic long picture with one key, where you want to see it; intelligent full-color night vision, the default is black and white night vision when the light is dark, and automatically turns on when the picture changes are detected Four fill lights, display colorful pictures.

The 360 ​​smart camera outdoor dome 5C wireless version supports IP66 rainstorm waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor; super signal, strong WiFi, 30m wireless WiFi distance; dual AI humanoid detection, automatic tracking and locking of the target; humanoid recognition through cloud +Customize the alarm area, realize the sound and light alarm, effectively deter and scare away uninvited guests.

Through WeChat or mobile phone number invitation, the monitoring screen can be shared by 5 people to view, and different control rights can be set for different personnel; support compatible standard ONVIF protocol, You can easily communicate with more back-end devices such as hard disk recorders, network surveillance video recorders, and build your own secure video network.


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