Loongson Zhongke that on December 19, 2020, China. NET Developer Conference opened in Suzhou. At the meeting, Loongson. NET was officially released.

Loongson said that the Loongson. NET 3 released this time is based on .NET Core 3.1 and supports all the main functions of this version, including GC, AOT, etc. The test pass of CoreCLR, CoreFX, ASP.NET Core, and other libraries is comparable to x64/arm64.

It is reported that Loongson. NET 3 also supports the Loongson CPU family, including Loongson 3A4000/3A3000/3A2000 single-channel multi-channel, Loongson 2K1000, etc., and also supports multiple operating systems, including Loongnix, Debian, UOS, Kirin, and so on.

Loongson also promised that it will carry out long-term maintenance of Loongson. NET in the future and keep pace with the community.

Since last year, Godson has continued to follow up with .NET as a key project. The survey of requirements and versions began in May 2019. The construction was successful in August 2019, and the first Hello World was output in October, and the virtual machine initialization, some JIT, and printing functions were completed.

In May 2020, the .NET Web application was launched. On June 18, the Loongson version of CoreCLR was open-sourced. An early trial version was released in July, and a release candidate version was launched in December.



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