At the end of the year, iQOO brand director Feng Yufei posted “something I want to say to everyone” on the Chinese website.

Feng Yufei issued a long article saying, “In a blink of an eye, there are only 15 days left this year.” In 2020, in order to meet everyone’s different needs, iQOO brought a total of 6 products to everyone.

The iQOO 3, released on February 25, is iQOO’s first product this year, and it is also the first flagship model of iQOO equipped with the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform. The Rally Orange color scheme and the typing feel of the mechanical keyboard have received a lot of praise, but the 60Hz refresh rate was criticized.

To make up for the regret, iQOO immediately launched iQOO Neo3 in April this year, a Snapdragon 865 mobile phone with the highest refresh rate at the time. Now, this mobile phone is still praised by many people as being able to compete with this year’s latest model.

The Z series is a new series released by iQOO this year. In order to meet everyone’s demand for performance leapfrogging, iQOO tried to cooperate with MTK, and the market response was quite good.


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