II-VI is expected to enter supply chain for the next-gen iPhones: Report

The supply chain authoritative media Digitimes reported yesterday that due to the popularity of the iPhone 12 Pro series equipped with a rear-lens time difference (ToF) laser scanner (LiDAR Scanner), the market reported that there will be 4 models next year The new iPhones have the opportunity to fully introduce ToF.

The supply chain has reported that Apple’s 4 iPhone 13 (tentatively named) models in 2021 will be fully introduced into LiDAR Scanner using D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology. Its surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) components continue to be sinicized

The leader in gallium wafer manufacturing is a stable semiconductor foundry, but the US-based IDM manufacturer II-VI has also joined the ranks of production. The overall demand for ToF VCSELs is expected to increase.

According to sources, in 2021, the VCSEL chips used by Apple’s ToF LiDAR, in addition to the products jointly developed by Apple and American firm Lumentum, will also be added to II-VI as the second supplier. The source of Lumentum Lei chips is still the British IQE designated by Apple, and it is reported that II-VI will use its own Lei chips.

In addition, Winmao is continuing to expand the purchase of ToF-specific VCSEL testing and measurement equipment, an increase of about 20 to 30%. In addition, case practitioners have also indirectly confirmed that the number of holes perforated in the rear lens of iPhone 13 has an increasing trend.

In addition, the report pointed out that the 3D sensing device used by Apple iPhone 13 has changed significantly. For example, iPhone 13 is expected to shrink the volume of the structured light 3D sensing module called “notch”.

The industry originally predicted that Apple would streamline 1 VCSEL chip in the front lens. The Face ID on the iPhone plus the number of VCSELs related to the ToF lens is expected to be reduced from 3 this year to 2. However, according to recent surveys, it is expected that the amount of 3 will still be maintained.

Supply chain practitioners said that regardless of whether the full range of Apple iPhone 13 is equipped with D-ToF, the Android camp is expected to follow Apple’s approach to D-ToF technology applications.


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