Apple seems to have become more active in its marketing strategy. They recently cooperated with the short video social software TikTok to provide a four-month free trial period for Apple Music.

Apple is launching a new event on TikTok, which provides a 4-month free trial period for users who subscribe to Apple Music through the iOS platform TikTok app. The ad uses TikTok’s viral music to promote Apple Music playlists and then provides users with a free trial period.

The discount must be redeemed with a valid Apple ID. According to a website that’s not from China report, TikTok also promotes Apple Music products through application notifications.

The event will last until January 2021 and is valid in several different countries/regions. Obviously, it is a bit longer than the normal three-month free trial period. TikTok’s audience may be young people who love music, and this can be considered a relatively accurate marketing campaign.


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