Uber will pay you $1,000 to ditch your car for five weeks

With increasing traffic congestion and the rising costs of personal car ownership, Uber is launching an innovative experiment to encourage a car-free lifestyle. The One Less Car trial invites 175 individuals in the US and Canada to park their cars for five weeks in exchange for cash and credits, highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of alternative transportation. This initiative aims to promote healthier, more sustainable urban living while examining the feasibility of reducing personal vehicle use.

Uber’s One Less Car trial, modeled on a successful 2023 experiment in Australia, is set to take place in North America from July 22nd to August 25th. Participants from Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Miami, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver can sign up online, and 30 people from each city will be selected. Each participant will receive $1,000 to use on various transportation modes, including Uber rides, bike and scooter shares, car rentals, and public transit. Here’s how the stipend is allocated:

  • $500 in Uber Cash: Redeemable in the Uber app for car trips or Lime bike and scooter shares.
  • $200 Voucher: Redeemable for car rentals or car shares.
  • $300: Allocated for other transportation modes, such as public transit.

Additionally, Uber will provide a one-month free Uber One membership, offering benefits like 6% Uber Cash on eligible rides and $0 delivery fees on select services.

To participate, individuals must meet specific criteria: they must be 18 or older, have a driver’s license, use their vehicle more than three times per week, possess a bank card, and be willing to document their experiences. The first week will serve as a “control period,” where participants record their mobility habits.

It’s important to note that Uber Cash can only be used for Uber rides or Lime bike and scooter trips. For cash-equivalent stipends, participants are encouraged to submit receipts for mobility purchases. If a participant owns two cars, they only need to give up one. If they own one car, they must give up that vehicle for the trial period.

The trial seeks to explore the viability of a car-light lifestyle, though not necessarily a completely car-free one. This initiative is part of Uber’s broader strategy to promote sustainable transportation and reduce traffic congestion. Previous trials, like Lyft’s 2018 “Ditch with Lyft,” have shown promising results, and Uber hopes to build on these findings.

Adam Gromis, Uber’s global head of sustainability policy, emphasized the importance of this research in enabling more people to live car-light lifestyles, saving money, reducing emissions, and avoiding traffic. The results from various cities, each with different levels of transit and infrastructure, will offer valuable insights into personal car ownership and Uber’s role in urban mobility.

This article has been updated to include additional information about the trial rules as of June 27th.


Uber will pay you $1,000 to ditch your car for five weeks
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