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Managing system data and other storage on your iPhone

The “System Data” or “Other” category in your iPhone’s storage comprises various caches, settings, messages, and miscellaneous data that can accumulate over time. This article provides comprehensive steps to effectively clear out unnecessary data, reclaiming valuable space on your iPhone.

  1. Clear Your Safari Cache Safari caches can significantly contribute to the growth of System Data storage. To clear Safari’s cache:
    • Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
    • Find and tap on Safari, then select “Website Data.”
    • Scroll to the bottom and tap “Remove All Website Data,” confirming with “Remove Now.”
  2. Reduce Streaming Activity Streaming media can also increase System Data storage. Consider downloading content instead of streaming to minimize cache usage. Clear app caches from streaming services like YouTube or Apple Music through your iPhone’s storage settings.
  3. Manage Messages and Mail The Messages app can consume substantial storage, especially with older conversations. Adjust settings to save messages for shorter durations:
    • Navigate to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages, and select a time frame.
    • Similarly, manage Mail app storage by logging out and back into your email accounts to clear caches.
  4. Delete and Reinstall Apps Some apps accumulate excessive cache classified as System Data. Delete and reinstall these apps to clear unnecessary storage:
    • Long-press the app icon, tap “Remove App,” then “Delete App.”
    • Reinstall from the App Store to refresh app data.
  5. Backup and Reset Your iPhone For a comprehensive cleanup, back up your device and perform a reset:
    • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
    • Ensure you have a backup to restore afterward to avoid data loss.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and reduce System Data or Other storage on your iPhone, optimizing performance and freeing up space for essential apps and media. Taking these proactive measures ensures your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

Managing system data and other storage on your iPhone
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