Character.AI introduces AI-powered voice calls: a new era of interaction

Character.AI, a startup backed by a16z, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature that allows users to interact with AI avatars through voice calls. This new capability is designed to enhance user engagement by providing a more immersive and interactive experience. With support for multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, Character.AI aims to cater to a global audience.

The company rigorously tested the calling feature before its public launch. During this testing phase, more than 3 million users made over 20 million calls. These interactions highlighted the potential uses of AI voice calls, such as language practice, conducting mock interviews, and enhancing the gameplay experience in role-playing games.

Initiating a call with a user-generated AI character is straightforward—users can start a conversation with just a tap of a button. Character.AI has engineered the feature to ensure a smooth calling experience with minimal latency. Additionally, users can seamlessly switch between calling and texting modes and can interrupt the AI during a call using the “Tap to interrupt” option.

This new feature builds on the success of Character Voices, launched in March, which enabled users to hear AI characters speak in one-on-one chats. Since then, the app’s library has grown to over 1 million user-generated voices, reflecting a high level of user engagement and creativity.

The introduction of voice calls comes amid user concerns on platforms like Reddit about perceived changes in AI characters’ personalities. Character.AI addressed these concerns by clarifying that no major changes had been made, suggesting that any observed differences were likely due to users participating in a test phase.

Meanwhile, the competitive landscape is heating up, with The Information reports that Google is developing its own customized chatbot platform to rival offerings from Meta and Character.AI. As the AI interaction space evolves, Character.AI’s new voice-calling feature marks a significant step forward in creating more dynamic and personalized user experiences.

Character.AI introduces AI-powered voice calls: a new era of interaction
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