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The return of beats pill and an enhanced beats Android app

The Beats Pill speaker, a popular wireless audio device, has made a comeback with a fresh update. Known for its high-quality sound and sleek design, the new Beats Pill has arrived alongside an update to the Beats app for Android. This upgrade aims to enhance the user experience by offering better functionality and support for the latest Beats products, including the newly released Beats Solo Buds.

After several teasers, the new Beats Pill speaker has officially launched. Following this and the recent Beats Solo Buds release, Apple is also rolling out an update for the Beats app on Android.

The updated Android app now supports the new Beats Solo Buds and the Beats Pill, enabling users to easily pair and manage all their Beats accessories. It offers controls for sound profiles, equalization, noise cancellation, real-time location tracking, and more.

For instance, with the Beats app, users can select their preferred listening mode on headphones or earphones. They can activate Noise Cancellation to block out external noise or switch to Transparency mode to stay aware of their surroundings.

Additionally, the Beats app allows users to connect a second Pill speaker to enhance their sound. For an even more immersive experience, users can set one speaker to play the left audio channel and the other to play the right, creating a true stereo sound.

One notable feature of the Beats app on Android is the ability to install new firmware updates for Beats accessories as they become available. This is unlike iOS, which doesn’t offer a way to manually trigger firmware updates for Beats accessories. iPhone and iPad users have to wait for the system to automatically download and install updates, similar to how firmware updates are handled for AirPods.

The newly enhanced Beats Pill is now available for $149.99, featuring three vibrant color options. This price is significantly lower than the original $199 price tag of the first-generation Beats Pill from 2012. Apple has not only enhanced the battery life and overall performance of this popular product but has also reduced its starting price.

With the increasing demand for speakers driving steady industry growth, it’s no surprise that a new version of the Beats Pill has surfaced. Currently, it is the sole wireless speaker in the Apple-owned company’s lineup.

In May 2014, Apple made headlines by acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion, marking it as its priciest acquisition at the time.

The return of beats pill and an enhanced beats Android app
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