Android Auto updates seem to have broken connections for some users

Android Auto, Google’s popular in-car smartphone integration system, has recently been facing connectivity issues for a significant number of users. This software, designed to facilitate a seamless connection between smartphones and vehicle infotainment systems, appears to be experiencing widespread problems following its latest updates. The situation has left many users unable to maintain a stable connection, even with wired setups.

Over the past few weeks, numerous Android Auto users have reported connectivity issues. These complaints have surfaced on Google’s forums and Reddit, with affected users tracing the problems back to recent updates. However, no specific updated version has been pinpointed as the root cause.

The disruptions have occurred suddenly and unpredictably. While the issue predominantly affects wired connections, some users have also experienced problems with wireless connections. Although connection issues are not uncommon in the Android Auto community, this particular wave of problems seems more widespread, suggesting that the recent Android Auto updates may be to blame.

Reports frequently mention Android Auto versions 11.7, 11.8, and 11.9, which are the most commonly available versions at present. The latest version, 12.2, has also been implicated. For some users, checking for and installing updates might resolve the issue. However, the inconsistency of these reports indicates that the solution may not be straightforward. The connection issues appear to stem from updates released by Google between late May and mid-June.


Android Auto updates seem to have broken connections for some users
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