Android 14 themed icons feature

What is Android 14 themed icons feature? How to access it

Google has not only dropped new additions to Android 14 but also modified the existing ones, such as the themed icons feature. The respective capability brings broader theme support across the device system and matches the app icons on your home screen with the shade of wallpaper, giving a monochromatic look.

It is worth mentioning that the themed icon feature only works for applications on the home screen, and not the app drawer. It is so because the home screen is the first base you interact with after unlocking your handset.

How to access the themed icons feature in Android 14?

  • Long-press a space on the device’s home screen
  • Select the Wallpaper & Style section
  • Choose the Home Screen tab > Themed Icons
  • Turn on the toggle for themed icons
  • Return to the home screen to check the feature in action

You can also alter the colors of the themed icons as per your requirements. This can be done by switching between wallpapers.

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Android 14 themed icons feature

What is Android 14 themed icons feature? How to access it
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