AI-generated headshot LinkedIn profile

What is AI-generated headshot? How to use it for your LinkedIn profile

AI-generated headshot or AI headshot is generally a combination of one or more pictures of a person used for a LinkedIn profile. It uses custom machine learning algorithms to generate professional pictures or digital portraits that retain your facial features and details.

In simple words, you get high-quality and close-up images without going to a professional photographer. Moreover, such images are useful for jobseekers and their work-based profile. You can use it on LinkedIn and some other related fields.

How to use AI-generated headshot for your LinkedIn profile?

To begin with, pick an AI image generator by looking for free trials and one-off payments. Ahead, select a dedicated service as some image generators use general pictures while others perform the main task – professional headshots.

Next, try avoiding free services as it is unlikely to be an image you would want to use on your LinkedIn profile. It is worth mentioning that a true AI image generator asks you to upload as many as 30 images of yourself. Thereafter, it produces an accurate, original, and professional headshot. Give a quick quality skin such as:

  • If the skin looks artificial
  • If the teeth are too white
  • If the image appears to be cartoonish, and more.

After these checks, you can upload the image to your LinkedIn profile.

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AI-generated headshot LinkedIn profile

What is AI-generated headshot? How to use it for your LinkedIn profile
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