AI Voice Scam prevent

What is AI Voice Scam? How to prevent being a victim of it

Just like deepfake videos, AI Voice Scam is another example of how you need to prevent yourself from being a victim of hazardous technology. As the term reflects, this action uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic audio of a person who is familiar to you.

Such incidents take place when an unknown person on the next side of the call could mimic the voices of those who are known to you. They may also act as a customer care provider to grasp your personal information or financial details.

How to prevent being a victim of AI Voice Scam?

  1. Never share personal details over the phone with an unknown identity
  2. Be alert and aware of urgent financial assistance requests
  3. Verify the caller’s identity immediately
  4. Keep yourself updated on recent scam news and techniques
  5. Report suspicious activities

In case you get trapped, don’t panic and instantly contact the incident to the local law enforcement. Keep monitoring your financial accounts as well as inform others to spread awareness.

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AI Voice Scam prevent

What is AI Voice Scam? How to prevent being a victim of it
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