WhatsApp share live location

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp contains a variety of significant features and one of them is Live Location which allows users to share their real-time locality with friends and family members. On the flip side, if you are not interested much in this capability, then you can stop sharing it at any time.

Consequently, WhatsApp gives you control over whether and how long to share your live location. Once stopped, your live location will no longer be shared with anyone. Those who are aware of your location via this feature will continue to see it as a static thumbnail image and can check your last updated location.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

Initially, you have to enable location permissions for WhatsApp through your phone’s Settings. One can select from the ‘Allow only while using the app’, ‘Ask every time’, and ‘Don’t allow’ options. Once done:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device
  • Select any individual or group chat
  • Tap on the paper clip icon on the text field
  • Select the Location icon
  • Click on Share Live Location

Hereafter, select the length of time you would like to share your location. This will stop sharing the live location after the selected amount of time. You can further add a comment and then hit the Send button.

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WhatsApp share live location

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?
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