BMW Gesture Control feature

What is BMW Gesture Control feature? How does it function

BMW cars are full of prominent functionalities that deliver an efficient driving experience, and one of them is the Gesture Control feature. This is an innovative element available for select models and enables users to operate certain tasks by just using their hand gestures.

Consequently, the list of operations drivers can opt for with the Gesture Control feature are – turning up or down the volume, accepting or declining a phone call, changing the rearview camera angle, picking the navigation on the iDrive system, and more.

How does the BMW Gesture Control feature work?

The BMW car system uses 3D technologies that activate the overall vehicle to recognize your hand gestures. To perform some tasks, you can try out the below-given methods:

  • Accept a Call – Point to the BMW iDrive Touchscreen
  • Reject a Call – Swipe Your Hand to the Right
  • Volume Up – Circle Your Finger Clockwise
  • Volume Down – Circle Your Finger Counter-Clockwise
  • Change Rearview Camera Angle – Create a Circle with Your Thumb and Forefinger
  • Select Navigation/Custom Setting – Point to the Touchscreen with Two Fingers

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BMW Gesture Control feature

What is BMW Gesture Control feature? How does it function
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