Tesla Cars Transport mode

What is Transport Mode in Tesla Cars? How to enable it

Tesla Cars ensure that their tires do not touch the ground during the tow position as for which, we have the Transport mode. Also known as Tow mode, this feature helps users to safely transport their vehicle via a flatbed truck or by using wheel lifts.

Being an electric vehicle, Tesla car’s motors generate power when the wheels turn, so it’s essential to take precautions when moving your EV. Here is how you can do that!

How to enable the Transport Mode in Tesla Cars?

  • Put Tesla’s gear shifter in park
  • Check the tires and ensure they are stable
  • Hold the brake pedal and tab Controls > Service > Towing
  • A message will appear reminding you how to properly transport your vehicle.
  • Press and hold the Transport Mode button until it turns blue. Your car is now free-rolling and can slowly be rolled

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Tesla Cars Transport mode

What is Transport Mode in Tesla Cars? How to enable it
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