Google Bard access Android

What is Google Bard? How to access it on your Android phone

Google Bard for Android is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that produces text-based answers to your queries so that you can have access to better results. It can further mimic human conversation using high-tech machine languages such as NPL (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning).

Unlike other AI models, Google constantly updates the Bard chatbot with the latest inputs for better responses and outcomes. On the flip side, it can freely search the internet whenever asked and lets you pick the ‘Google it’ option to get related searches.

How to access Google Bard on your Android phone?

  • Initially, open the link on any reliable browser
  • Click on the ‘Try Bard’ button
  • Enter your Gmail address to sign up
  • Accept Google Bard Terms of Service and hit the ‘I agree’ tab

Finally, click Continue and you are ready to use the Bard experiment home page. Now you can type a query into the search box and hit enter. Give some time and wait for the AI to respond.

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Google Bard access Android

What is Google Bard? How to access it on your Android phone
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