Realme 10 Pro+ grabs gallery and system optimizations

It’s May 2023 and Realme 10 Pro+ devices are getting new gallery and system optimizations. As the term reflects, the latest update refines the overall framework of the smartphone. Alongside this, it makes the device reliable and more efficient for multiple operations.

No! It’s not just a regular update but more than that. Eventually, the tech giant added a new flashlight function that enables you to control and manage the tiny feature more effectively. You can access the function in Settings, under the Gestures and Motions section.

Thus, the rollout seems quite important for your handset. To be mentioned, the firmware further contains critical bug fixes and system optimizations for each section in the Realme 10 Pro+ phone. Perhaps, you should grab the new update with the build version RMX3686_11.A.27, as it appears on your device’s screen.

Notably, the latest build comes in two packages. The first one consists of improvements for the gallery app and mends the black display issue. Besides, it adds a new flashlight function with enhanced capabilities. (Check more details in the changelog below)

Meanwhile, the second package brings enriched stability and better system performance. This will provide a brand-new user experience. And let’s not forget about the April 2023 patch that mainly addresses privacy threats in the security system, and boosts the functioning of the device.

Realme 10 Pro+ system optimizations



  • Integrated the April 2023 Android security patch to enhance system security.


  • Fixes the problem that the photos in the gallery have a low probability of displaying a black screen.

Realme UI:

  • Adds the function of turning on/off the flashlight with the volume button under the page of Gestures and Motions.


  • Improves system performance.
  • Fixes some known issues to improve system stability.

Realme has randomly pushed off this update to a limited number of users to ensure the absence of issues. Once confirmed, the tech maker will begin rolling out the firmware widely among consumers.

Realme 10 Pro+ grabs gallery and system optimizations
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