OxygenOS 13.1 for OnePlus 10 Pro brings these incredible changes

OnePlus 10 Pro users are enjoying new features and changes with the magical OxygenOS 13.1 update. While the changelog already reads several new additions for the device, some users mentioned what else the latest version brings to their phone’s surface.

Recently, a OnePlus 10 Pro user explored the OxygenOS 13.1 build and found amazing changes. Eventually, the new tweaks count a few things that are not highlighted in the update menu. Hence, it is important to check what secrets users are getting in their hands with the long-awaited 13.1 version.

To begin with, the user said that the app drawer issue has been finally fixed with this major upgrade. As of now, the respective phone holders can efficiently operate the feature without facing any difficulty in terms of gestures and navigation.

Ahead, the Media Output option which was in demand for a long time, is back. It appears in the notification panel below edit tiles. Now, no more diving into the Settings menu as you can directly change the audio from Bluetooth to speakers without disconnecting the Bluetooth and vice versa.

On the flip side, the notification panel icon now shines in a bold and dark avatar. It creates a more classy look on the screen. Next, the other space in storage is reduced by almost 2GB. Besides, the storage option is better categorized as user data and system data. It now shows the information in a more defined way (including the recently deleted one as well).

Of course, there are a few bloatware apps, such as O Relax that might be not a favorable choice. But you can uninstall it without any fear. In addition to these tweaks, you may also find the April 2023 security patch and Spatial Audio for your handy gadget.

OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 changes

  • The Auto Brightness toggle is still missing in the notification panel.
  • YouTube still runs on 60Hz while scrolling and goes 30Hz when idle.
  • The screen size is mentioned as 17.1cm instead of 6.7 inches like in the past.
  • Swiping notifications to the left still required two steps.
  • Media Player still opens on a separate page instead of opening the app directly.
  • No Calculator Easter Egg is there.

Since the firmware version read (EX01), we can assume that the tech giant will bring on the left-out stuff in the coming version. Till then, you can share your experience with the latest OxygenOS 13.1 update, in the comment section.

OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 changes



OxygenOS 13.1 for OnePlus 10 Pro brings these incredible changes
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