Android May 2023 security patch limits downgrade to old app versions

Google has released May 2023 security patch that comes along with several fixes. However, something more beneficial is making its way to users. As per the latest inputs, the Android May 2023 security patch restricts to downgrade of the old version of an app.

To those who are unaware, the term ‘downgrade’ often helps smartphone users in many ways. It helps in running a particular app when it breaks and also provides a clean and better platform to upgrade back to the latest version in the Play Store.

However, downgrading an app can cause problems as well. For instance, rolling back can welcome uninvited vulnerabilities that would have existed in older versions of the software. Thus, it was important to take a protective step in this matter.

As of now, Google has made the respective capability safer and more secure. Eventually, the Android May 2023 patch restricts the downgrade ability to an app version older than the one your device originally shipped with.

In other words, Android users won’t be able to downgrade the system apps beyond the factory-installed version (the one that the app came pre-installed with). The Android analyst Mishaal Rahman mentioned that the CVE-2023-21116 has now been closed, and it won’t enable users to go back to infinite versions of an app.

Notably, the security issue was embedded under the moderate category as it requires physical access to the device to exploit it. Thus, it wouldn’t have made much impact on your handset. But it’s good to get a fix on this defect.

Although, Rahman pointed out that one can still downgrade when using a debuggable build for testing purposes. Anyhow, the respective CVE closure was important for Android devices to prevent the entry of unusual bugs and issues in the operating system.

Android May 2023 security patch limits downgrade to old app versions
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