Apple watchOS 10 to adopt all-new widgets feature for smartwatches

Apple watchOS 10 is the next software version that will drive more features into smartwatches. Speaking of which, there is news that Apple watchOS 10 will come with an improved and more interactive widgets system and customization feature.

According to the well-known Apple analyst – Mark Gurman, the tech maker will focus on enhancing its smartwatches with the upcoming upgrade. On the side hand, Apple watchOS 10 will glorify the widgets feature along with impressive functions.

Eventually, Mark explained that widgets will be the leading part of Apple Watch’s interface with watchOS 10. Adding more depth to this topic, the observer said that the new system will be quite similar to Glances, one we have seen in the original Apple Watch, whereas the widget style could be inspired by iOS 14.

Meanwhile, the redesigned interface will remind us of the Siri watch face that made its debut with watchOS 4. One can assume the new look if they remember the widget stack in iOS and iPadOS that enable users to pile many widgets into one section and scroll through them.

Apple watchOS 10 widgets feature

Here is what Mark Gurman says:

“The plan is to let users scroll through a series of different widgets – for activity tracking, weather, stock tickers, calendar appointments, and more – rather than having them launch apps.”

Apart from the widgets tweaks, the American tech giant is also making changes to the functions and operations performed by the Watch’s button. For instance, a slight touch on the crown will result in launching new widgets instead of showing ways to navigate to the home screen.

We still have a month between us and the official release of the Apple software products. Till then, let’s see wait and see what new changes will keep taking place on the consumer board.

Apple watchOS 10 widgets feature




Apple watchOS 10 to adopt all-new widgets feature for smartwatches
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