HarmonyOS 3.1 Feature Tracker: 3D AOD, lock screen, camera, icons and more

HarmonyOS 3.1 is officially announced by Huawei and it comes with various new features. These are designed to provide a new user experience for Huawei smartphone owners and improvise the entire HarmonyOS smartphone user experience.

There are new additions in the personalization, camera app, satellite communication, icons, security, and foldable phones. Let’s dive into this amazing world of new HarmonyOS 3.1 features.

Visually Refined:

HarmonyOS 3.1 is visually refined, so you will two new features in the personalization. These include the new lock screen and 3D Always on Display (AOD).

Custom lock screen:

This new capability allows you to set your own photo as an always-on display. When you wake the phone, It will transit the image to fill into the entire lock screen. The animation of the transition is smooth and fluid.

HarmonyOS 3.1 lock screen


Here’s something new in the HarmonyOS smartphones, now users can choose interactive 3D animate widgets as an always-on display. This is not available in HarmonyOS 3.0 and it enhances the way we interact with the AOD widgets.

HarmonyOS 3.1 3D AOD

Better icons:

Talking about optimizations, Huawei kicks in slightly rounded corners of each app icon to provide a seamless look to the appearance. This is a minor change but it contributes big to the user experience.

better icons


Years after, Huawei finally made some changes in the stock camera app. Because now we have a new rotating zoom ring. slide left and right to adjust the zoom with on-screen controls. Also, Huawei rearranged some of the most common options below the shutter button.

New rotating camera zoom ring

Second-Gen Satellite:

HarmonyOS 3.1 supports second-generation satellite communication features. The software brings in a new interface to enable two-way SMS.

Huawei second generation satellite communication

Better Security:

HarmonyOS 3.1 makes it easy for you to hide on-screen applications and also to manage background popup apps. The capability allows confirmation messages before jumping to a second app.

Foldable phone

The new software has some powerful capabilities for foldable smartphones. First, it has installed a wide screen to manage large on-screen activity. HarmonyOS 3.1 also installs a brand new home screen layout designed especially for foldable devices.

wide screen foldable phones

Don’t forget multi-tasking, HarmonyOS 3.1 enables split screen but it has new AI-powered smart split screen order. The software can check split-screen apps and reorders according to past habits of use cases.

Foldable phone split screen options

There are new split-screen features added in the options menu – swap app positions and also save the split-screen combination. These are just some of the notable features of HarmonyOS and there could be more waiting for us to explore inside.

HarmonyOS 3.1 Feature Tracker: 3D AOD, lock screen, camera, icons and more
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