Google is developing ‘GIFI’ to generate AI images in Google Images results | ‘Magi’ in search

Google is developing two new AI features – GIFI and Magi. The AI project Magi will work in Google search. According to the New York Times, Google is upgrading its search engine with A.I. features as part of Project Magi. It will offer a far more personalized experience than the company’s current service.

With Magi, you will be able to get “answer questions about software coding and write code based on a user’s request,”. You will have the ability to ask follow-up questions with ads under generated results.


Magi’s development team currently has 160 designers, engineers, and executives working full-time. The feature is currently in testing, aiming for public launch in May this year, most probably in I/O 2023. It will first be available in the US for up to 1 million users, later up to 30 million by end of this year.

“Google is racing to build an all-new search engine powered by [AI],” but this is still in the early stages.

“The system would learn what users want to know based on what they’re searching when they begin using it. And it would offer lists of preselected options for objects to buy, information to research and other information. It would also be more conversational — a bit like chatting with a helpful person.”

Besides Magi, Google is also working across Image Search and Chrome, including a browser chatbot with project GIFI.

Google is creating GIFI to generate AI images in Google Images results. Google already previewed such features coming to Workspace products.

“People might ask the chatbot for activities near an Airbnb rental, for example, and the A.I. would scan the page and the rest of the internet for a response.”

Google is also letting users search for music through a conversation with a chatbot. Another thing is people can use Google Earth’s mapping technology with help from A.I.

In addition, the report claimed that ‘Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on its devices’. Both companies are working on a new contract, and Samsung could stick with Google, the report added. Bing’s AI search features could be the reason why Samsung might want to switch. To compete with Bing, Google already launched Bard AI.

“An estimated $3 billion in annual revenue was at stake with the Samsung contract. An additional $20 billion is tied to a similar Apple contract that will be up for renewal this year.”

Google is developing ‘GIFI’ to generate AI images in Google Images results | ‘Magi’ in search
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