Microsoft Office apps can now auto-update on PC locks

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Software updates can be very annoying sometimes, especially when you are using software to do some work, Microsoft hopes to solve this with a new feature called “update under lock” queries.

Previously, if you opened an Office app like Excel and left it running overnight, Microsoft couldn’t update the app overnight, even with some emergency fixes. With Update-on-Lock, the update process will be quieter and more streamlined.


Now if the PC is hibernated or locked, even if you have an Office app open, Update On Lock will close the app in complete safety, update it, and restore the app to its previous state. Microsoft claims that the entire process takes about 4 seconds, which means there is no disruption to the workflow.

The Update-on-Lock feature is based on Microsoft’s “click-to-run” technology, which is used to update software such as Office.

software updates

It’s worth noting that Update Under Lock doesn’t give corporate IT administrators the same amount of control as other features, meaning it’s turned on automatically and can’t be turned off. At the same time, Office will not be obliged to shut down the update if it detects that the software cannot be closed securely, which addresses the user’s concern about the loss of file contents. ,

As per information, this feature supports all Microsoft 365 subscription versions, Visio, Project, Retail, or Permanent versions of Office 2016/2019/2021; Supports current channel, monthly enterprise channel, semi-annual enterprise channel (preview), and semi-annual enterprise channel corridor.



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