Lenovo launches ThinkPad P16

Lenovo released the new ThinkPad P16 professional mobile graphics workstation in overseas markets last month. Now Lenovo has put this product on the domestic official website. The enterprise purchase model starts at $2434 and is equipped with the 12th generation. Core HX series processor with 16-inch 16:10 WUXGA large screen.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad P16 is powered by the 12th generation Core HX (55W) series processor. The foreign version can be opted for with a 12-core i5-12600HX, while the domestic version only has a 16-core i7-12800HX or i9. The overall performance can be released up to 170W. Enable ECC error checking and repair technology.


  • i7-12800HX / 16GB / 512G SSD / RTX A1000 professional graphics card / FHD+ screen 300nit anti-glare 100% sRGB Win11 Home Edition $2434

  • i7-12800HX / 16GB / 1TB SSD / RTX A3000 professional graphics card / 2.5K screen 400nit anti-glare 100% sRGB Win11 Home Edition $3522

  • i9-12950HX / 16G+16G / 1TB SSD / RTX A2000 professional card / 4K screen HDR400 Dolby Vision 600nit anti-glare 100% Adobe RGB color gamut Win11 Professional Edition $4095

Also, this model shows optional 4GB video memory RTX A1000 to 16GB video memory RTX A5500 in the product description, but it seems that only these three graphics cards are on domestic shelves. The motherboard chipset is WM690, supports up to 128GB of DDR5 memory, four slots, 8TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, and supports dual-bay installation.

In terms of appearance, the rear heat sink of the new ThinkPad P16 adopts a red line design to showcase its powerful display. On the A and C sides of the new ThinkPad P16, both have the ThinkPad logo, and its iconic red dot on the keyboard, which is equipped with a combination of TrackPoint and three-key cursor control technology.

The new ThinkPad P16 supports 180-degree opening and closing, has an overall size of 364 x 266 x 30.23 mm, weighs 2.95 kg, is equipped with a 1080p camera, supports fingerprint recognition, and supports HDMI 2.1, Thunderbolt 4, Interfaces with USB 3.2. Includes Gen1. USB 3.2-C Gen2, SD card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, etc., ISV professional software certification, support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos.


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