How to find and recover deleted photos on your Apple iPhone?

Apple Photos offer you all the amazing photos you take with your iPhone and iPad to go live. And now it’s even smarter and more personal, with brilliant new features that help you find, edit, and share your best shots.

In addition, the Library tab helps you find and bring your favorite photos and videos to life. With the latest iOS version, Apple offers years to highlight the best of your past photos. Months present your photos of important events. Days present your best shots. And All Photos displays your photos and videos in a beautiful interactive grid.


If you have accidentally deleted any important photos on your iPhone – don’t get panic there is a solution for that. Thanks to Apple, the company has added a feature to recover deleted photos and videos in a very simple and easy way. In this article, we’ll explain to you how you can do this.

Recovering your photos and videos is possible just because Apple includes a Recently Deleted album that contains your deleted items for up to 30 days unless you clear up storage.

How to find and recover deleted photos on your Apple iPhone?

Open the Photos app and tap on the Albums tab.

Scroll down and select the Recently Deleted folder.

If you want to recover a single photo or video, tap on it, then hit Recover.

If you want to recover multiple items, use the Select button at the top of the screen. You can then choose Recover All, or select a handful of files and tap Recover.

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