How to use Parallel apps in OnePlus Smartphones

Having two multiple occurrences of a single app isn’t something you can enable on any smartphone. But the OnePlus smartphone supports and keeps the ability to support this feature. OnePlus introduced it as a Parallel apps option.

People using two SIM cards can use it to have WhatsApp accounts with their two phone numbers or can run two accounts of an app they want to.




Users just need to follow these below-mentioned steps to enable this useful feature named OnePlus Parallel apps:


  1. Go to the settings menu
  2. Scroll down to Utilities
  3. Tap on Parallel apps 
  4. Push the sliders towards the right for setting up the dual app

This feature supports various social media apps like Twitter, Telegram, Skype and others. It also supports Cab calling services like Ola, Uber and more. This is such a useful features which could vary depend on what all apps is located on your smartphone, but it seems only the popular ones are supported.

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