How to enable advanced battery options in OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus smartphones are known for their performance-occupied features. And OnePlus is supporting some form of fast charging technology and method, as OnePlus gives more prominence to battery optimization within OxygenOS through its advanced battery features.

This feature is especially for those who spend a lot of time with their OnePlus smartphones. This feature helps us to save the battery of our device. You can enable this advanced battery option by crossing these basic steps.

Here’s how to enable OnePlus Advanced Battery Feature:

Step-1: Go to the Settings menu

Step-2: Scroll down to the battery option

Step-3: Click on Advanced settings

Step-4: Here you will be prompted by several advanced battery options.

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Under Advanced settings, you can turn on a high-performance mode that will allow your smartphone to speed up but it will increase battery consumption and may cause your device to heat up more.

Whereas, the sleep standby optimization, conserves battery and reduces notifications while you are sleeping. The optimized night charging option learns from your daily charging routine so it can control the charging speed at night and also avoids overcharging.


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