Samsung Game Optimization Service is an application for Samsung devices designed to help you get the most out of your device’s gaming performance, download the latest version below.

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Recently, Samsung has pushed out a new update for Samsung Game Optimization Service App.

Download Latest Samsung Game Optimization Service:

  • Samsung Game Optimization Service App: V3.5.04.3

Samsung Game Optimization Service App Features:

Optimised heat generation during gaming

  • The app can reduce and optimize heat generation by adjusting system performance if heat is generated during gaming.

 Device optimization during gaming

  • If a game freeze occurs, the app will start optimizing performance during gaming by changing the resolution setting. In doing so, your device will consume less memory and less power and achieve more stable performance compared to other devices.

CPU/GPU optimization during gaming

  • The app will optimize performance by adjusting the current CPU/GPU max clock.

App management during gaming

  • Using the indexes of the installed game (e.g., resolution, FPS, CPU/GPU clock, and heat generation), the app will determine optimized values for the relevant game.


  • We recommend users install/update apps through official platforms like Google Play Store.
  • Install the App file at your own risk.
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