Samsung Electronics may purchase cheapest OLED panel from LG Display

According to the latest report, ongoing negotiations between Samsung Electronics and LG Display on the supply of OLED panels for TVs are focused on economical OLED panels. Samsung will launch OLED TVs this year.

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In negotiations with LG Display, Samsung focused on purchasing LG Display’s M-series OLED panels, the latter’s lowest-level product. LG Display’s TV OLED panels are divided into three series: R, P, and M. R is the premium series, and the panel offers 200 nits of brightness. The P and M series offer 180 nits and 150 nits, respectively.

Moreover, sources say Samsung wants the cheapest series of the three to maximize profitability. Display panels account for one-third of a TV’s cost. Samsung is confident in using its position as the world’s top TV brand to roll out as many products as possible while using the cheapest OLED panels, the sources said.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics currently uses all three series of OLED panels from LG Display. In addition, Samsung also asked LG Display whether it is possible to develop a more affordable version of the R-series panel with a brightness of 200 nits.

However, LG Display may reject the request as it has been selling R-series panels to LG Electronics and Sony at premium prices, the sources said.


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