According to the latest report, Hyundai design director SangYup Lee confirmed that the new IONIQ 6 electric car will debut in the next few months, and confirmed that the official design of the IONIQ 6 has been approved, which is positioned as a pure electric vehicle. 

“IONIQ 6 is in the spirit of prophecy. The new car will have a new design, the body will be taller and the interior space will be maximized. Also, there are many improvements to the car’s aerodynamics. It has been done for a long time.”

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The Korea Economic Daily reported back in August 2021 that the car will be lengthened and redesigned, while the capacity of its battery pack will be increased by about 5 kWh to 77.4 kWh (previously 72.6 kWh).

It’s worth mentioning that the Kia EV6 already features a larger battery pack, so Autocar believes the IONIQ 6 may be more similar to the EV6 than the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

According to previous revelations, the new car will use the same E-GMP architecture as the IONIQ 5 crossover, so sources believe that it should be equipped with the same 800V voltage and provide single and dual motors (AWD).

Moreover, Autocar points out that if the IONIQ 6 has a larger battery pack than the IONIQ 5, the range could be longer. Not only because of the larger package but also because of the fact that the Ioniq 6 is expected to be more aerodynamically efficient.

In terms of power performance, according to sources speculation, the new car will provide two power models, namely a single-motor model with a maximum power of 160kw and a dual-motor four-wheel-drive model with a maximum power of 230kw.

It will reach 483km and provide a fast charging mode. With reference to Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6, the battery life of the two-wheel-drive version is expected to be around 600km.



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