Nowadays every person has a smartphone including children’s and they can use it to excess all kinds of information through the internet. But some things on the internet are not suitable for children and this issue had become the biggest concern for parents. If you are also a parent who does not want your child to get any negative impact from the internet, then the Samsung Kids feature is the best for you and your child.

Samsung Kids help you to protect your child from the negative impact of the internet with the help of its features such as Parental control features, which allows you to set rules for how your phone can be used, by allowing you to guide your child while they learn and play online.

In this article, we will tell you how you can use parental control features on your Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone.

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What is Samsung Kids? Samsung kid is a feature that lets you shape a safe environment for your child to happily explore and connect with the world. With family-friendly activities to both entertain and encourage them to learn, develop, and flourish, Samsung Kids helps your child safely enjoy the digital realm.

Before moving to the tip let us tell you about the Parental control feature. Enabling the Parental control feature on your smartphone will give you the authority to restrict your children’s access to certain apps, set their usage times, and configure settings to provide a fun and safe environment for children when they use the device.

How to enable the Parental Control features:

  • Parental Control features allow you to configure the settings for Samsung Kids and view the usage history. On your device, go to the Samsung Kids, then on the Samsung Kids screen, tap the three-dot icon and tap Parental controls and enter your unlock code.


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