Apple iOS 15 tips: How to Capture time-lapse videos in Night Mode on iPhone 13

Time-Lapse videos are one of the best features that are used to create a perception of time. But creating a Time-lapse is as hard as satisfactory it looks. It is one of the most challenging things in photography and making a time-lapse in the dark makes it even more difficult.

But that is not difficult for your iPhone 13, and the reason is its advanced camera technology, which makes it easier than ever to capture unique time-lapse videos with the tap of a button.

In this article, we will tell you how you can capture a Time-lapse video in Night Mode on your Apple iPhone 13.

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What is Night Mode? Night Mode is a feature that helps you to capture good photos in a dark place or environment. It helps you to capture more detail and brightens your shots in low-light situations. The length of the exposure in Night mode is determined automatically, but you can experiment with the manual controls.

But before moving to the tip let us tell you about how Time-lapse video works. Time-lapse is a photographic technique used to create a perception of time. This feature allows your phone to automatically shoot 1–2 frames per second for as long as you want. Using this technique you can create amazing speed-up videos.

How to capture Time-lapse videos:

  • On your device, open the Camera app, then swipe to the far left until you see Time-lapse. Then select time-lapse and tap the Shutter button to capture your video.
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