Samsung Galaxy S22 tips: How to share notes in the Notes app

Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S22 series smartphone is equipped with Android 12 based One UI 4.1 comes loaded with a lot of features and apps such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, Samsung Dex, Wireless power-sharing, Samsung Notes, and more. Among all of these amazing apps and features, the Notes app happens to be the most common and useful in your day-to-day work.

In this article, we will tell you how you can share notes in the Notes app on your Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone.

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The Notes app allows you to quickly jot down quick thoughts or organize detailed information with checklists, images, weblinks, scanned documents, handwritten notes, and sketches.  It helps you to write, draw, and highlight in a variety of styles and colors with the S Pen. And also allows you to add photos and voice memos, and save your notes with searchable tags.

You can create notes on anything such as party, project, program, maintaining bills, and many more things that you can write. You can add more details by adding a file, bills, documents, photos, videos, handwritten notes, drawings, etc. After creating all of this you can share it with your family and friend.

How to share a note in the Notes app:

Step 1: On your device open the Notes app.

Step 2: In the notes list, select a note and long-press it, and then tap on Share.

Step 3: Then select how you would like to share the file – either as a Samsung Notes file or PDF file.

Step 4: Then tap on the application or function you would like to share the file through.

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